Birth Chart Reading

The study of the astral sky corresponding to the moment of birth - (interpretation of the birth chart) - allows to know the individual energetic configuration, as a genetic code.


Adriana Wortman maintains the permanent recognition of the Self and the personality that serves the purpose, she encompasses a holistic vision of all aspects and circumstances of the person's life, within a larger vision and considering an evolutionary sense.


This approach mirrors the individual in such a way that already during the session it is perceived in a much wider and conscious way; producing a transformation, whose ulterior purpose is to favor the intelligent use of its resources and to be awared of the Self.


Personal readings include a detailed view of personality patterns: health, emotional life - from prenatal, infancy, family relationships, love, to sex life, children and friends.


It deals with the occupational aspect - professional, vocation, studies, finances and insertion in the world. The spiritual karmic aspect is also studied, which includes the perception of the energetic lineage (ancestral and transgenerational memory) and the dharma orientation, or evolutionary purpose.