Training in Kabbalah

This wonderful esoteric system brilliantly describes how the Universe, Man and all existence have been created. 

Its comprehension and practical exercise turns the one who approaches it into what he/she has always been: the creator of his/her own reality, who then acquires the light and color from the one who inspires it.

Adriana Wortman is known for the specificity of her training that combines the theoretical study of the traditional Kabbalah, which includes the multidimensional vision of the 4 Universes, the sephirotic tree, the study of the elohim, the archangelic worlds, angels, qlipoth, Tikum Olam, the hebrew letters, kabbalistic magic, etc. (download program), together with meditative, energetic and multiple eclectically combined practices, in a clear and modern language. 

Length of the course: 2 years and 6 months, two hours class per week*.


* Consult us for trainings outside Mallorca