"JHAI" method of energy harmonization

Jhai in Hebrew means Life. Not only in the sense of a biological phenomenon, but also understood as virtue, joy, vitality, possibility, creativity, potency and power.

In the Cabbalistic tradition, toasts are made “to life”. Reverencing life, as a divine gift.

This method of “Jhai Harmonisation and Energetic Healing” is a system that integrates the laying on of hands as a vehicle of transmission and activation of vital energy, with the fundamental focus of Cabbala, that of honouring life.

While in its external aspect it is similar to other healing methods, together with the use of multiple tools, its difference lies in the inner posture, which consists in “bringing the heavens down to earth”. In other words, giving back to life, to our life, the quality of enthusiasm, vitality and capacity for creation.