The twelve moons and the faces of Yesod

Workshop aimed at the general public: a knowledge of Astrology is not required.

In the Cabbalistic tradition Yesod is the sphere of the emotions. Associated with the astral plane, it represents the response to what is happening around us. Swept along by the collectivity, most people are immersed in this ocean, thinking, acting and deciding in accordance with the emotions that dominate us.

In Astrology the Moon is the planet associated with Yesod and the emotional universe. The cycles of the moon, its movement in the sky and its position in the individual configuration enable an understanding of the fluctuations of mood, state of mind, sensibility, intuition, interests or creativity, as they manifest in our physical, emotional and mental life and in our relationships.

As we come to understand human nature from the energetic perspective, we can consciously activate the resources of Yesod, so as to honour and utilise the attributes of the twelve faces of the Moon, such as initiative, solidity, flexibility, harmonisation, transformation and others. Likewise we can detect unbalanced factors and develop an intelligent response to them.

Length of Workshop: two days.